Many people are afraid to follow their intuition. Many people don’t know it exists. There is a way to tap into the infinite possibilities awaiting you.

But first, you have to let go of all of the fears that hold you back. It is not an easy task. Some people hold onto fears because it is comfortable and they know what to expect. Fear of failure, fear of success. Fear of happiness, fear of sadness. Fear of gain, fear of loss. Wait a minute, some of these fears involve positive things, how could that be?

We think that we would only fear things that are negative or hurtful to us. This is not true. There are many of us who are afraid of success. The fear of abundance and gaining what would make us happy and joyful. This is because we don’t want other people to see us as better than them, we don’t want them to be jealous, or we don’t want to be rejected. We know that this is not what we want deep down, but cannot help but feel this way. It is so we are accepted not only by others, but by ourselves. We feel we don’t deserve it. But we do deserve it. How do we get off this merry-go-round?

This is where intuition, or an Angel on Your Shoulder comes in. We know that Angels are beings of Love and Light and they want to help us find our way through life on Earth. They love us unconditionally and completely at all times. Never a moment when they would not love us. They are direct messengers from God, and so when you call upon them, you are calling upon God.

Angels would never try to “make” us do anything we didn’t want to do. We have free will, which allows us to make choices as best we can. These choices can be enhanced with Angels guiding you to the best possible outcome to lead you to joy. No matter what you need, they will always be there.

We can tell that it is Angelic persuasion or guidance is when it is positive and loving, never hurtful or negative. It comes to us through our psychic channels of clear seeing (clairvoyance), clear hearing (clairaudience), clear feeling (clairsentience) and clear knowing (claircognizance). They are the main ways that the Angels communicate. We all know about visions (as many prophets had these and many psychic mediums have these as well) which is clairvoyance. When we hear a voice in our head our just outside of it, that is clairaudience or clear hearing. Most people are clairsentient, or clear feeling. This often comes as emotions, like when you enter a room and immediately feel the same way everyone else does, or it can come in physical feelings, such as goosebumps, heat, butterflies, etc. Claircognizance is when we just know about something or we know how to do something but never learned it or studied it. We all have these gifts, but some gifts are stronger than others.

The messages we get can come in all forms or just a few. We have to be aware of the signs and then follow them to be able to get the answer we were looking for. We can ask the Angels the big questions, about health, finances, career, life purpose, romance or we can ask some everyday questions, such as what to wear, what to eat, which route to take to work, etc. Our Angels always want to help in whatever way they can. Don’t worry that you are taking them away from other important tasks, because you are not. They can be in multiple places at once helping many. zodiac signs elements

The signs are many and are usually repetitive so that we will see them and know that it is true. Sometimes your gut will tell you that it is true, and you know your gut wouldn’t lie to you. That is clairsentience at its best. Numbers are another good way for Angels to get a message to you. Remember being awoken at a specific time every night, for days in a row? That was the Angels giving you a message. Feathers show up, coins (especially pennies and dimes) show up, and there are even particular smells that might come up.

What we do with all of this information is what is important. If we follow the signs and realize that it will lead us down the right path, then more signs appear. We are more open to the actual messages that can change our lives for the better. Give your fears to the Angels, nothing drastic, just one thing at a time. Some people write them down and burn them, some people put them on their hands and physically raise their hands to Heaven and have the Angels take them away, or some people use a God box where they write down their fears and put it in there as a symbol of giving their fears to God. Whichever way you want to do it is fine. Just do it.

When the fears are gone, then the messages become clearer. We can gather the information through our main psychic channels and know what to do. But wait, there’s more. We can have blockages to these messages not only from the present lives, but from past lives. Heal the past, heal the present. We can also have blockages to our psychic channels as well. This doesn’t mean we will never get messages, it just means we have work to do, if we want the messages to become clearer.

If we want the messages sooner, or we want to confirm the guidance we receive, we can go to someone who channels Angels. Someone who channels Angels can use all of the main psychic channels to give you a clear, concise message or answer to your questions that will lead you to joy. They are the reporters that will tell you all that they see, hear, feel, and know no matter what it is. It should never be fear based or fearful, negative or hurtful. It should be loving, kind, uplifting and positive, no matter what. Simply the truth.

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