The Kubotan is the registered trademark of its creator, Takayuki Kubota. It was originally intended as a means for police officers to subdue their suspects non-lethally, and without permanent injury. He first brought the weapon to the attention of the Los Angeles police when he trained the department’s fe male officers in its use and application. It has been called “The Persuader” and is touted as an instrument of attitude adjustments. acrylic charms

The key chain Kubotan is approximately the size of a marker, about five and a half inches long and a little over a half-inch in diameter. It isn’t too heavy to carry, indeed its size and the six grooves that line its shaft are ideal for gripping. It is made from hard, high impact plastic. Attached to one end is a screw eye with a split ring on which to hold a set of keys.

The size of the Kubotan, in addition to the fact that it’s on a key chain, is perfect for disguising its true purpose. To the untrained eye, this self-defense tool looks like a key holder; its camouflage makes it a weapon of surprise as well as intent. The weapon is intended to be used by striking bone, soft flesh or nerve points, such as knuckles, the bridge of the nose, the shins, etc. It can also be used clenched in your fist to add weight to any punch, or with the keys attached, the Kubotan it can be employed to flaile your keys at an attacker.

Being on a key chain, it is super easy to carry it. Likewise, there will be no worrying that you’ve forgotten it, because it goes wherever your keys go.

As long as you remember to hold your keys anytime you’re out on the street alone, in the event of an attack you’ll already have your means of personal protection in your hand and ready to use.

There are classes and training women can take to learn how to best use this weapon, but it can be carried and used without them. There are also instruction guides available, one written by Takayuki Kubota himself. That one is out of publication, but if you take the time to search, you can find it.

These books contain tips and techniques and some step by step instructions on the use of the Kubotan.

The main thing to remember is that this weapon is not one that requires great strength to use. It is more a matter of knowing which parts of the body to strike with it to bring an assailant to his knees. And the Kubotan is more than capable of doing so. Using it to hit the pressure points on the body literally weakens the attacker from the shocking amount of pain. If possible, try to hit as many of these spots as possible to debilitate the assailant and prevent him from following you.

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