The long-term effect of marijuana on the brain is a topic that divides people.

Many still believe that marijuana has no real long-term dangers associated with it; this is still one of the main reasons so many people abuse the drug all around the world today.

With modern research and a stronger understanding of the drug in the wider community, this perception of marijuana, and the attitude of apathy is slowly changing over time, cbd münchen

What Long-Term Effect does Marijuana have on Your Brain?

It really depends on how much you smoke, and how often. I’m not going to go into how much is too much, but if you think you might smoke a little too much weed – you probably do!

Here are some of the long-term effects marijuana can have on your brain if you continue a regular habit of abusing the drug:

Memory Loss: Short-term and long-term memory can become scattered after prolonged periods of smoking marijuana, and it takes a lot longer to get your memory back to normal once you lose it. Weeks and months that pass while smoking can become a blur, and it gets difficult recalling important events in life.

Psychological Dependence: A psychological dependence to marijuana is an addiction that gains strength over time. Users often find that they need to smoke more of the drug in order to get the same feeling. This results in smoking marijuana more often and can make it very difficult to quit.

* Impaired Coordination: Over time, marijuana will cause negative effects in your balance, reflexes and even your physical performance! This is something that will improve dramatically once a user quits weed completely.

* Psychosis: This generally refers to a condition in which a person experiences some loss of contact with reality. This can include hearing voices and hallucinations, and if you are prone to mental illness (ie you are more susceptible to certain mental conditions than others, but may not even know it, prolonged heavy use of marijuana can bring on the psychosis, which in turn may lead to a full-blown mental illness). These conditions are most often only caused by marijuana in extreme cases.

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